About Us

About Reindel & Reindel Advisory Solutions, LLC Of Mystic, CT

Mission Statement

Using thirty years of experience, knowledge, associations and integrity, David Reindel creates customized retirement plans that provide predictability and certainty for clients who are thinking ahead and want to know “what works”.

Company Description

Mystic CT Retirement Planner, David Reindel and Reindel & Reindel Advisory Solutions, LLC works one-on-one with retirees and those about to retire to create a customized retirement plan that provides predictability and certainty for years to come.

Through the dedication to client service, Reindel & Reindel Advisory Solutions, LLC has grown to over 600 clients throughout southeastern Connecticut, including Mystic, CT, Stonington, CT, Waterford, CT, Norwich, CT, New London, CT and Groton, CT.

David Reindel offers advice and uses a mix of Retirement Planning tools designed to help provide his clients a steady, dependable stream of income.

Meet David Reindel
Mystic, CT Retirement Planner

A Personal Touch from a Committed Person

David Reindel began working in the financial services industry in 1998. After watching his parents along with some friends and relatives enter retirement unprepared, he gained a passion and desire to help pre-retirees and retirees become better prepared. His love of math and meeting people made it a natural fit.

David’s first book “Don’t Die Broke” stresses the importance of learning about retirement planning. It also discusses ways to create a sustainable plan for these unstable financial times.

When it comes to Financial and Retirement Planning there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ plan or product. This is why it takes multiple meetings with David and his firm to set a plan in motion. David prides himself on being certain that he, and his client, have a mutual foundation of trust and understanding for the clients’ unique possibilities and goals.

Meet Jojo Reindel
Office Manager at Reindel & Reindel

As a leader in the the world of luxury goods, Jojo Reindel brings her leadership skills and  extensive background in client services to pair in perfect tandem with her husband David at Reindel & Reindel Advisory Solutions, LLC.

Jojo is world renowned by aficionados of fine timepiece collectors who have placed their absolute trust in her for their luxury timepiece acquisitions.  All of her dedication and service of these lifelong relationships has carried over seamlessly to her position as Office Manager at Reindel & Reindel Advisory Solutions, LLC.